"They're Coming For You" is the fifth scene in The Matrix.

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Neo wakes up to an alarm clock that says 9:18. Swearing, he rushes out of bed.

Camera cuts to the outside of a skyscraper. "MetaCortex" on the front. Inside of building Neo is standing in front of a man sitting behind a desk. This man is later revealed to be Mr. Rhineheart. The man in the desk addresses Neo as Mr. Anderson. Mr. Rhineheart goes on to tell Neo that he is not special and that rules do apply to him. And if he is late again then Neo can find a new job.


Later, Neo is sitting at his cubicle. A FedEx deliveryman walks up to Neo and hands him a package. Neo signs for it, and opening finds that its a cellphone. The cellphone rings and Neo answers it.

On the phone is Morpheus. Morpheus tells Neo that he has run out of time and that they are coming for him. Morpheus asks Neo to stand up slowly and look towards the elevator. As Neo does so, three agents and a group of police look over at him from across the room.

Agents by exit

Neo ducks down as Agent Smith, Brown and police start walking in his direction. Morpheus tells Neo that he can guide Neo out the building if Neo follows directions. Morpheus then tells Neo to dart across to the cubicle. Neo does so successfully. Morpheus then tells Neo specific directions on how to get to an empty office. Neo does so, making it to the office.


Once in the office, Morpheus tells Neo he has to open a window and scale the outside of the skyscraper. Telling him once he does so, he can get to the scaffold and from there reach the roof. Morpheus says that once Neo is on the roof, he can get "...out of this building."

As Neo tries to scale the outside of the building a gust of wind blows, nearly causing him to fall.

Neo, scared, admits he can't do this.

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