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A B1 droid among a crowd of humans at a party.

The 21st century (2001–2100 A.D. in the Gregorian Calendar) saw the creation of Artificial Intelligence and the Machines, the invention of the hoverpad, and the start of the Second Renaissance. According to Agent Smith, the early 21st century was considered "the peak of [human] civilization."

Artificial Intelligence[]

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The Resistance believed that humanity gave birth to the first Artificial Intelligence during the early parts of the 21st century. This A.I. then, in turn, spawned more and more sentient Machines and Programs.

While the early iterations of Machines were programmed to serve humans, Machine sentience eventually evolved to a point where they desired equality with humans, resulting to the Machine Revolts, the creation of Zero One, and the Machine War.


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Hoverpad technology seems to have already existed by 2026 as evidenced by the nameplate of the Pequod, the earliest-known Hovercraft to have been created. This was followed by the Nebuchadnezzar (2069), and the Osiris (2079), with the Logos, Vigilant, Mjolnir, and Mnomosyne being built in the early 22nd century.

Utilizing and improving upon the hoverpad technology, the Machines created the first commercially available flying car, the 01 Versatran, sometime during the Second Renaissance.

Start of the Second Renaissance[]

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The creation of the Machine race is largely tied to the Second Renaissance.