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Abel was an Exiled werewolf Program working as a henchman for The Merovingian.



Abel was created in an early version of the Matrix but soon became obsolete in a later redesign of the Matrix made by The Architect. Facing deletion, Abel along with Cain were saved by The Merovingian who recruits them into his service as henchmen, favoring their unusual kill-code requirements.

Enter the Matrix[]

Charged with guarding The Keymaker, Abel and Cain both betray The Merovingian and intentionally lets The Keymaker escape from his prison beneath the The Merovingian's Chateau. Stalking The Keymaker, they wait for an opportunity to eventually steal the key to the Source meant only for The One, hoping it will help them exist outside The Merovingian's circle of influence.

However, Abel then foils this plan by disclosing their betrayal to The Merovingian, leading to The Merovingian destroying the key and forcing Abel and Cain back into The Merovingian's service.


When Persephone led Morpheus, Trinity and Neo to The Keymaker's cell, she shot Abel in the head with a silver bullet, demonstrating the special method needed to kill a lupine program. This allowed the Resistance to retrieve The Keymaker.


After the creation and failure of the very first Matrix (deemed as the "Paradise" Matrix), The Architect creates a second, more nightmarish Matrix prototype based on the atrocities found in and throughout human history. Within this "Nightmare" Matrix, The Architect is theorized to have created supernatural monsters to fit the environment of suffering intended for its human residents.

Amongst the myriad monsters from this early version of the Matrix were werewolves, like Abel, vampires, like Cain, and phantoms, like The Twins. After failing as a dreamworld, the Nightmare Matrix was redesigned once again to capture the peak of human civilization. As a result, the monsters were meant to be deleted but some were instead salvaged by The Merovingian to serve for his own ends.