Agent Jackson
Agent Jackson
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Agent Jackson was an Agent who was a cohort of Johnson and Thompson.


Captains' MeetingEdit

Agent Jackson Fights Neo

Jackson fighting against Neo.

Jackson, along with Johnson and Thompson, attacked the Crisis Meeting and fought Neo who held his ground and gave the other redpills enough time to reach their exits. During the fight, Jackson and Johnson are knocked off their feet and were separated from Thompson, leaving him to fight Neo alone momentarily. However, Thompson was not able to defeat Neo and he was the first one to be eliminated out of the three. Eventually, with the powers of The One, Neo defeated them in under one minute and escaped.

Freeway ChaseEdit

Jackson in car

Agent Jackson relocates The Keymaker's position for his fellow Agents.

In an attempt to kill Trinity and The Keymaker during The Freeway Chase, Agents Jackson and Thompson took possession of two police officers and joined the chase. After the Keymaker was helped onto a semi truck by Morpheus, Jackson relocated the Keymaker's position. Agent Johnson picked up on the signal and jumped off an overpass onto the semi truck that the two were riding on to try and kill the Keymaker.

Ambush at the Nuclear Power PlantEdit


Agent Jackson opens fire on Trinity.

Jackson made his final appearance at the Nuclear Power Plant in an attempt to stop Trinity after she helped Neo reach The Architect. Agent Thompson was already inside and fighting against her. During the fight, Trinity fled but was surprised that Jackson joined in and started to fire at her with his weapon. After Trinity jumped out of the building's window, Thompson followed her while Jackson remained inside the building.

Enter the MatrixEdit

Jackson dispatched a SWAT team in order to pin down Ghost and the rebels of the Vigilant at the Airport. He also took control of a chopper and tried to kill Ghost but was later shot down. Jackson chases Niobe in an underground tunnel at the airport while she was attempting to rescue Axel. Jackson also attempted to kill Niobe and Ghost after the crew of the Caduceus were saved, but the two were unexpectedly saved by The Keymaker.