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Only human.

― Agent Jones[src]

Agent Jones was an Agent who was a cohort of Agents Brown and Smith.


Agent Jones just before he gets temporarily killed by Trinity.

Jones assisted in the interrogation of Morpheus with his fellow Agents. When Neo and Trinity attempted to rescue Morpheus from the government building where Morpheus was held, Jones materialized in the body of a helicopter pilot named "Kim " who was desperately calling for backup. Jones used his extreme speed to dodge Neo's bullets, but failed to kill Neo, who was similarly able to avoid fatal wounds, although he did succeed in grazing him in the thigh, stunning him long enough for Jones to prepare to finish him off at point blank range. Trinity shot Jones through the head at close range, saving Neo but merely sending Jones out of the body he had possessed.

Agent Jones dodging Neo's incoming fire during the rooftop fight.

Jones survived most of the movie. He was last seen with Agent Brown, watching the fight between Neo and Agent Smith. After that, Jones was either deleted or upgraded to become Thompson, Jackson, or Johnson, but if he was upgraded, his method of speaking indicates that he was updated to become Johnson.

His statement towards Neo when he is prepared to kill Neo, "Only Human.", implies that he has a degree of dislike towards humanity, although not to the extent of Agent Smith.

In The Matrix: Path of Neo, he fights Neo one more time in the part of the game called "Red Pill rescue", along with Agent Brown. Unlike the Upgraded Agents of the next level, he cannot regenerate his health. After the player has rescued all four Red Pills, Jones is never seen again, same for Brown.

Behind the Scenes[]

He was played by Robert Taylor.