Alexa was a young woman working for a small group of the resistance that uses the Matriculation program to convert captured machines to fight along their side. Her task in the group is to scout the surface for machines together with Baby. She then lures the vuctun machine through underground tunnels to the hidden outpost where she disables it with the aide of a previously converted machine.

The target of her last mission was a Runner machine which dropped a beacon before being converted. The beacon enabled the Sentinels to track down the hidden outpost. Almost all members of the group were killed except Alexa.

The Runner, who had just logged off from the program heard Alexa's request for help. It managed to release her unconscious body from the metal claws of a machine and logged itself and her into the virtual reality of the Matriculation program. As a result of the conversion process, the essence of the Runner had grown an affection towards Alexa and wanted to be together with her in its preferred reality. There, however, her damaged body was unable to handle the stress and Alexa died of a shock.

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