Amber is the slick middle child of Dame White and Mr. Black, part of The Spectrum family and one of the Spectrum Siblings. Certain she will never attain the throne herself, she has dedicated herself to assisting the others in their efforts to guarantee herself a spot at the right hand of whoever does ultimately win. She heads an organization called the Amber Special Projects, a security force dressed in yellow caps and jumpsuits dedicated to ensuring her safety and sifting through local gossip for information that might be of interest.


As one of the middle siblings, Amber knows she is unlikely to ever gain the highest position, so she has instead committed herself to the roles of spoiler and kingmaker. To this end she has created an extensive organization – the Amber Special Projects agency – to facilitate both intelligence-gathering and covert operations against other exiles. She craves all the knowledge she can obtain about her siblings' operations.

Amber is a smooth-talking sycophant who excels at deception and doubletalk that makes her look good no matter the outcome of a particular situation. She is willing to deal with any and all of her siblings, working both ends against the middle for Indigo or one of her parents, but in the end she's only out for herself. She has been working toward getting on Grisaille's good side, but is rapidly coming to the conclusion that he doesn't have one.


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