Avalon and her crew inside the Matrix

An Easy One is a comic written and drawn by Tommy Lee Edwards for The Matrix Comics Series 2. This story was never published in print until twenty years after the release of the first Matrix film (The Matrix), wherein it was included in The Matrix Comics: 20th Anniversary Edition.

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The story begins with Avalon and her crew preparing to embark on a disinfect mission in the Matrix to destroy a virus using a load of cash as its carrier, an AI which was known to instill confusion and schizophrenia in those who touched it.

However, a gang of anonymous criminals calling each other "Mister G", "Mister P", "Mister Y" and so on, led by the "Boss-man" and his henchman Mike were also after the money, about to try to steal it unaware of its side effects.

As Avalon's crew set out on bikes to track down and destroy the money van with the virus, their operator informs them that the bank that the money truck is outside is being robbed.

A glitch in the Matrix causing the sudden arrival of an army of police and Agents puts an end to the robbery, and only four criminals are alive by the time Avalon arrives.

An Agent kills two of the criminals, and Avalon leaps off her bike shooting at him to distract and prevent any return fire. She helps Boss-man to escape, throwing a grenade at the agent standing next to the truck while one of her crew provides covering fire. The explosion destroys the truck too, blowing up the money and the virus carried in it along with the last criminal.

Boss-man seems more concerned with the destruction of all the money than anything else, but escapes with Avalon, running through the back streets to a small closed restaurant as she tells him about the virus, and the Matrix itself.

The phone is ringing, and she escapes as the police arrive. Seeing Boss-man has a gun they open fire and the comic ends with Boss-man falling down shot while the phone hangs in the air.

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