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Anome,[1] the onetime associate of Niobe, eventually succumbed to his greed for power and split from Zion to found his own organization, known as "Unlimit". Ruled by his own sense of inadequacy and personal demons, Anome became a tyrant within his organization, inflicting torture and death on those who questioned his orders. Eventually it was dissent from within his own group which allowed the Agents the information they needed to track down Anome and eliminate him. There exists a simulacrum which is a powerful copy of the Unlimit leader.

Biography Edit

When he was a bluepill child, he was abused by his mother, thinking that he was artificial, like a machine, and that he did not feel anything real. She took him to a bridge, where she aimed to drown herself and Anome, saying to him that they would go to the real world. Fortunately, Anome freed himself from his mothers grip before she fell.

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  • Anome's name may be taken from the word "anomie", which describes the breakdown of social and ethical bonds between an individual and the community.

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  1. Pronounced "Ay-Nome"
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