Anti M is an Exile and a member of a larger program: the Element. She is described as a stylish, sharp business woman and wearing fancy Italian suits. She is one of the few Elements who relishes their freedom in becoming an Exile. Thankful that she does not have to be dictated to by Argon, she became a dealer of information.

She became romantically connected to Beryl, who was also closely linked to Argon in the hope of bringing her former boss down. However, the feelings were discovered to be authentic, and she was satisfied that she was having the affair under Argon's nose.

She, along with Mercury and Thallia, were hired by the General to topple the Merovingian's powerful empire, but inevitably failed.

Not much of her former purpose was known, but it could be speculated that it would have involved with the dealing information (like communicating or transferring data).

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