Argon was a former control routine program in the Machine world, now an Exiled program in the Matrix earning his living as a thug.


Argon was the most domineering and powerful of the Elements. He liked to think of himself as a careful planner and strategist, and revered historical military commanders like gods. However, in truth he was somewhat rash in his moves, pushing forward out of hubris and ego more than anything else. Under his expensive suit, he is truly just a thug.

Argon had no qualms about doing whatever is necessary to gain more power and influence over the Matrix.

As part of the Source, Argon was a controlling routine, and as an Exile, he still expected to be obeyed. He was known for his terrible rages when matters fail to go his way, and was jealous and possessive of Beryl his paramours. Beryl was the most recent paramour. In the end, though, Argon cared for no one more than himself