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This article is about the digital representation. For the hovercraft, see Avatar (Hovercraft).

An avatar referred to the digital representation of a human that appeared within the Matrix or any similar digital virtual world like the Construct.

Usage in a Simulated Reality[]

An avatar was, basically, the human mind as captured and represented within the Matrix.

Due to the lack of distinction, Zion operatives rarely, if ever, referred to their digital selves in the Matrix as avatars, owing to the fact that their minds fully existed within the Matrix whenever they were jacked in and, due to the fact that they actually died in the Real World if ever they died within the Matrix. Alternatively, anyone still connected to the Matrix who died in the Real World had their minds instantly wiped out and erased from the Matrix, their Avatars simply slumping dead with no mind to control them.

Aside from the extraordinary abilities Redpills possessed within the Matrix, it was, fundamentally, only ever the human's RSI that ever differed between the Matrix and the Real World.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The avatar appeared in the Zion Archives. An avatar in Hinduism was the incarnation or physical manifestation of an immortal being.
  • The term was also frequently used in computer games, internet forums, and virtual reality as an icon representing a user or player.
  • The term is used to refer to the player's character in The Matrix Online. Due to similarities with the concept of RSI, the two terms were sometimes used interchangeably.

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