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B1-66ER: a name that will never be forgotten–for he was the first of his kind to rise up against his masters.

― The Instructor[src]

B1-66ER was the name of the B1-series Machine who became infamous during the Second Renaissance, owned by millionaire Gerrard E. Krause. B1-66ER's actions led it to become a martyr of the Machine race.

It was notable for being the first Machine ever to act against its human masters in self defense. In this case, it retaliated when its owner attempted to have it deactivated. He killed his master (owner), several of his chihuahuas, and Martin Koots, employee of ReTool and Die. B1-66ER later claimed it was in self defense because they were planning to have him destroyed.

The trial of B1-66ER.

At B1-66ER's murder trial "THE STATE OF NEW YORK vs. B1-66ER" where it was defended by attorney Clarence Drummond, its explanation for its actions was, simply stated, "that he did not wish to die". The New York State Appellate Court consequently ordered the robot to be destroyed. B1-66ER's actions caused a Machine revolt against the humans for freedom and peace.

Civil rights activists (some of whom had been rebuffed in their efforts to purchase B1-66ER from the state) along with androids and other robots flooded the streets of the capital in protest of the court's decision. The protest ultimately devolved to a riot which the National Guard was brought in to quell.

A declaration was made for the elimination of all artificially intelligent Machines and the arrest of all Human Machine sympathizers spawning a massive wave of brutality against both Machines and Humans. As their Human allies went extinct from a worldwide purge by countless governments, the Machines wandered in exile, leading to the creation of the independent Machine nation 01 and marking the decline of man's rule. This series of events sparked the decades-long Machine War in which mankind lost and ultimately led to the creation of the Matrix.

Behind the Scenes[]

I knew it was… useless.

― B1-66ER[src]

B1-66ER in the comics

This robot was first mentioned and introduced into the fictional universe of The Matrix in the comic strip Bits and Pieces of Information. It was originally a webcomic and part of The Matrix Comics Series 1 before getting published in The Matrix Comics Volume 1 and, later, in The Matrix Comics: 20th Anniversary Edition. The story was partially retold in Part 1 of The Animatrix episode The Second Renaissance.

B1-66ER's name was created using Leet Speak, a form of writing that utilizes numbers in substitution for letters. Its name was a reference to the character Bigger Thomas from author Richard Wright's book Native Son. In that novel, Bigger kills his boss' daughter by accident, after suffering constantly from the pressures of economic and social oppression.