Baelroth was an Exile member of the Merovingians and a lieutenant to the Merovingian in the Vector instance of The Matrix Online. He is usually depicted as a blind angel, which could suggest that he was once a Seraphim.


Some time before the Truce, he was programmed as a security protocol for the Zero One mainframe.

Like most programs, he was later replaced by a updated version of his code structure and was faced with deletion.


He then made a deal with the Merovingian: in return for his survival, he would work as one of the Merovingian's henchmen. However, he was imprisoned for a while in the Chateau dungeon along with the other "beasts", until the Merovingian saw a great purpose for him, which was when another angel (most likely Seraph) betrayed him. Baelroth has loyally served and protected his master throughout his service.

He also has an active role in working beside the young blood drinker named Entropi.


He is extremely loyal to the Merovingian, although sometimes he condescends some of his lower lieutenants. He has the habit of speaking some terms in Latin or French.

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