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Goddamn it, Morpheus, you ain't never gonna change. Shit, I'll do it just to see what Deadbolt does to you. You got thirty-six hours.

― Ballard to Morpheus on the request to stay behind[src]

Ballard, was the captain of the Caduceus.


In the Crisis Meeting

During the Captains' Crisis Meeting, Ballard volunteered to stay behind during the massive recall of all hovercraft to Zion in order to await a message from The Oracle (claiming it was just to see what Lock would do to Morpheus when he found out).

As Ballard stayed behind, he was eventually contacted and challenged to a fight by Seraph. Shortly after the fight – although Ballard notes that Seraph only ended the fight so quickly because he knew that he would lose – Seraph allowed him to meet with The Oracle to retrieve her message. The crew of the Caduceus eventually made it back to Zion, but during their escape Ballard's crewman Bane was infected by Smith.

In Zion, Ballard gave the message to Neo: The Oracle wanted to see Neo and tell him about The Keymaker.

Ballard, being unaware of Bane's strange behavior, was at one point urged by Bane/Smith to volunteer the crew for the mission to look for the Nebuchadnezzar, only to tell Bane to shut up.

Later, the Caduceus was among the hovercraft assigned to defend Zion and Ballard was killed along the others when Bane triggered an EMP attack that decimated most of the ships in the fleet and left them easy pickings for the approaching Sentinals.


  • Ballard was played by former Pound-for-Pound boxing champion of the world, Roy Jones Jr..