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Bathary Row was a neighborhood in the Westview district. The neighborhood consists of piers and warehouses among the area's wharf. The flow of information, which is used as commerce, is secretly and ruthlessly controlled by the Bathary Boys, who serve as henchmen for Cerulean. The shipping itself had been at a standstill for as long as anyone can remember, due to an investigation into unsafe chemical handling practices at the yard. Thus leading to a huge explosion causing the machine to investigate the perimeter. Only two died in the effect. The machines found nobody.

Biography Edit

In the 7.1 Cinematic, Seraph, who fell into the river whilst trying to rescue Sati from being kidnapped by the General's men, emerged from Bathary Row. The fallen angel approached three redpills, and attacked one of them, MoonAvatar without provocation. Seraph then performed which could only be described as a code exorcism, placing his foot on her neck, his hands over the body and extracting some unknown code (later revealed to be connected to the Machines) from the victim. it could be speculated that the cheat codes that were dumped by the Agents during the aftermath of Unlimit must have transformed or augmented the Exile.

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