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Berg is a crewmember of the Mnemosyne.


60 years after Neo's death, Berg and the rest of the crew of the Mnemosyne rescued him from the Matrix. Together with Neo, the crew enacted a plan from Sati to rescue Trinity from the Matrix as well. Despite multiple obstacles, they manage to succeed, with Neo and Trinity setting off to redesign the Matrix and free more minds.[1]

Berg is jokingly called a "Neo-ologist", an expert in the life and actions of Neo (though he's also just called a fanboy). When they first meet, they claim to have "a milllion questions" to ask one another.

Freeing Neo and Trinity[]

Rescuing Neo[]

Saving Trinity[]



  • Berg’s name is a reference to the legendary nightclub Berghain, located in Berlin. The tattoos down the side of his arm are similar to Berghain’s logo.