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Beverages, as with all matter within the Matrix, are programs simulating reality by sending electrical signals directly to human brains (that is, a person drinking the simulated liquids of the Matrix is given the full sensory impression that the drinks are real). In the Real World, sustenance of any kind is of limited availability.

List of beverages simulated in the Matrix and their significance[]

  • Tea: Seraph is first seen calmly imbibing ceremonial tea at the Tea House where Neo first encounters him.
  • Water: As is common with pills, it seems standard that one should drink water as a chaser after swallowing a Bluepill or Redpill. A full, clear glass of water is on standby when Neo is choosing between the pills and he instinctively drinks it after swallowing the red one. Morpheus smiles at the sight of this.
  • Wine: Cypher drinks red wine with his steak in the scene where he makes a deal with Agent Smith. At Le Vrai restaurant, The Merovingian frequently enjoys wine and probably offers to share it with whomsoever he has dealings.
  • Powerade - an energy drink.

Forms of Liquid Sustenance found in the Real World[]

  • Alcohol: The Nebuchadnezzar carries a stock of dual-purpose alcohol brewed by Dozer. It appears to be a strong drink and is said to also have a mechanical application.
  • Liquefied Human Remains: (See Food)
  • Shipboard Rations on Hovercraft: A white, semi-translucent substance of unappealing, runny consistency. (See Food)
  • Water: On the engineering level of Zion, one system recycles and purifies water to a potable status. (It follows that hovercraft would carry supplies of drinking water.) Councillor Hamann mentions his own disinterest in the reservoir's workings as typical of human ignorance of things upon which everyone depends.


  • Powerade is actually a real-life energy drink created by Coca-Cola to compete with Gatorade, made by their rival Pepsi. When the second and third Matrix films were released, they had a cross-promotion with Powerade with prominent ads for Powerade appearing in Mega City. In return, Powerade made a limited-run Matrix-themed green flavor.

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