Bixby was an illusionist specializing in escapes, calling himself "liberationist". He knew Morpheus and was hunted by Agents who wanted to reach him. It is not known if he was a redpill or not.

He had a juvenile fan who was preparing a psych 101 paper and went to interview him, when Agents went to talk with Bixby. He then started running, followed by the agents and the fan, who eventually was led to a dead-end, the three of them nowhere to be seen.

The next night, Bixby performed again and was once more approached by his fan, and said that the agents were from the IRS. The boy then asked his opinion on why people don't feel free. Bixby looked towards the boy for the first time, and told him that even freedom is an illusion, once he understands it, he'll understand the Matrix, and said that Morpheus was the only truly free man he's ever met.

On the next performance, he didn't just escape from the bonds, but totally disappeared. The agents investigated the water cage to find him, and even interrogated the boy, who was then release after they saw that he knew nothing. When the boy looked again at his business card, now with the phrase "THE MATRIX HAS YOU" appearing where it wasn't before.


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