• Houdini666

    Forensics scientist

    November 7, 2018 by Houdini666

    Eg. Th3 matrix.

    Channel, NBC.


    Mad scientist,

    Form... cricket in a box.

    Reason, to see his reflection in the wishing well.

    Proper procedures, play lottery until you win.

    Response to inquiries, time it takes to figure out. What the matrix really is.

    Tool... stock ticker.

    Experimental gas... Bianca.

    Substance, Acapulco gold.

    Result, genetics laboratory protocol.

    Answer, I’d like to help, but I can’t fix stupid.

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  • Houdini666

    Houdini 666

    November 7, 2018 by Houdini666

    It’s a relief, knowing who, what where when and why. Something, and especially somehow , that that special someone are blocking your way. I know of all the times, you spoke about me. Whoever you are. I have a briefcase, full of the truth.

    Which will bring me good fortune.

    I know when I talk, what your plans are... And I know the good lord is on my side.

    All is fair here in sleepy hollow.

    Because my maker, has blessed me with a footstool.

    And the first rule in life, “ know thy self”.

    I know who my enemy is.

    Better I’m blessed to know my friends, are safe. From the prying eyes of the public.

    Your anger, is childish. And you now have to take your own medicine, and stew in it.

    I’m a Medicare patient, department of veterans affairs.

    Scoff and say what yo…

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  • Xensyria

    Ok, so The Man Who Knew Too Much was a comic that was released online as part of The Matrix Comics Series 1, before the first Matrix film was released. But unlike all the other Matrix Comics, it was taken down soon after. No-one knows exactly why.

    My aim is to find out who the original writer and artist was (we've currently only got a pen name W. Wilbur W.), and then see what happened that made them delete all references to this lost comic.

    As part of this, I'm also looking at potential sources of inspiration, starting by looking at the many other works of the same name that were published before the comic was released in 1999, starting with my next blog on the 1955 Sexton Blake story.

    If anyone out there knows anything else about it, then ge…

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  • Emonix05

    The Symbolism

    October 21, 2018 by Emonix05

    In The Matrix, there is more symbolism then you have probably noticed.


    She is a symbol of the Holy Trinity. Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. In the beginning of the movie she is in room 303. The number 3 is very important to Trinity's character.


    The name Neo is an anagram for One. His name is literally telling us that he is the one. His apartment number is 101. Near the ending of the movie the room he goes into is room 303, the same room number that Trinity was in at the very beginning.

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  • A FANDOM user
    • The Matrix was allegedly lifted nigh on wholesale from an unsung 1992-1994 comic book script which The Wachowski Brothers were likely handed via Marvel UK's writing duo Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. The inference is based on their work on the Marvel Razorline title: Ectockid (1994) which was developed by Clive Barker and Andy Wachowski and would by default require them to associate with the latter. The script titled X-Factor: Team Cipher (a.k.a: The Ciphermen (PEI Comics)) was a proposal sent to Marvel UK in early 1993 while Paul Neary was editor in chief. It chronicled the story of the creation of a team of extraneous X-Men grown by a massive computer which could mimic the mundane intricacies of day to day life while it developed its subjec…
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  • RussianOlympian101

    I feel like someone has made the jump, like Morpheus. I'm not sure if he did or not. 

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  • A FANDOM user

    If you liked the Matrix you got it all wrong. Neo was and AI designed by the human race and put into the Matrix. The Matrix was used to train him to love and value human life. The proof of this comes from Neo's ability to affect both the world of Matrix and the AI in the base universe. The way he ends the war between man and machine by interfacing himself with the AI and thereby becoming the personality deciding what is good and what is evil for the AI.

    By raising an AI (Neo) from a child to an adulthood, the human's in the base universe was able to create an AI that was capable of defeating the malevolent AI, while instilling a love for humans. Once out of the Matrix, he was paired with Trinity to test whether he still loved humans in the …

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  • Langesam1234

    S.W.A.T. World is the Seventh episode of The Matrix TV Series. It is the seventh episode of Season 1.

    • Cohen walks into his house. In Cohen's house Cohen sees the vison camera. Cohen looks in the camera. Cohen completes the measures of the camera. Cohen goes to sleep. Cohen wakes up. Cohen takes a bath. Cohen finishes. Cohen gets out. Cohen uses the toilet. Cohen flushes. Cohen washes his hands and drys them and then leaves the bathroom. Cohen goes to the front exit door. Cohen goes to his car. Cohen drives to the work office. Cohen goes inside. In the work office Cohen meets Connor and Claudia. Claudia and Connor tells Cohen stick with me and then they go upstairs. In the office Cohen tells Connor and Claudia that the manners are great. The…

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  • Langesam1234
    • Duty Prison is the Sixth episode of The Matrix. It is the Sixth episode of Season 1.

    • Cohen goes to the comic book place. Cohen meets a comic book employee named Ritchie (Khary Peyton) who regonizes it right. Cohen meets Potential (Eleanor Witt), Potential (Tamara Brown), Potential (Janaya Pender), Potential (Adryn White) and Potential (Natalie Tjen) who are working together to do this. Cohen tells them good job today. Cohen goes to the coffee shop. Cohen meets Vincenzo (Jack McBrayer) a corrupt lieutenant working for Jeffrey and then Vincenzo shoots at Cohen and then Vincenzo fights Cohen. Cohen fights Vicenzo and then he is left behind and then he is later arrested by the police. Cohen escapes the area. Cohen gets back to Connor.

    • Cohen tell…

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  • Langesam1234

    There is a list of deaths in The Matrix TV Series

    • 1. SWAT Officer 1 Cause of death: Headshot. Death episode: The Matrix is Hacked
    • 2. SWAT Officer 2 Cause of death: Gunshot wound. Death episode: The Matrix is Hacked
    • 3. SWAT Officer 3 Cause of death: Suicide. Death episode: The Matrix is Hacked.
    • 4. SWAT Officer 4 Cause of death: Murder. Death episode: The Matrix is Hacked.
    • 5. Savior Member 1 Cause of death: Headshot. Death episode: The Matrix is Hacked.
    • 6. Savior Member 2 Cause of death: Headshot. Death episode: The Matrix is Hacked.
    • 7. Savior Member 3 Cause of death: Headshot. Death episode: The Matrix is Hacked.
    • 8. Savior Member 4 Cause of death: Headshot. Death episode: The Matrix is Hacked.
    • 9. Savior Member 1 Cause of death: Suicide. Death episo…

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  • Langesam1234
    • Call Number Three is the fifth Episode of The Matrix. It is the fifth episode of Season 1.

    • Cohen goes to a tennis next door. At the tennis next door Cohen goes inside. A tennis coach named Jenkins (Skip Hinnant) who is led by the SWAT team. Cohen rescues Connor, Claudia and The Oracle. He rescues them and then escorts them to safety. They drive away and then Cohen fights. A group of SWAT arrive and then Cohen shoots and kills them. Cohen finds out that Jenkins left the gym. Jenkins fights Cohen and then Cohen shoots and kills Jenkins. Cohen leaves Jenkins on the ground dead. Cohen returns to his car. Cohen drives and then goes to eat. Cohen has big traffic And then he travels 35 miles to the restaurant. At lunch Cohen talks with Connor, Cl…

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  • Langesam1234
    • Operation Only is the fourth episode of The Matrix. It is the 4th episode of The Matrix.

    • Cohen wakes up in his house. Cohen knows that the saviors are in his house. Cohen shoots and kills the saviors. Cohen goes outside. Cohen tells Claudia and Connor that something was among activities. Cohen gets in his car. Cohen drives to work. At work Cohen meets Jeffrey and Danny to tell them about a computer hack. Jeffrey puts a virus into Cohen's computer and then he destroys it. Cohen knows that Jeffrey did it and then Jeffrey is arrested by police. Cohen tells Connor and Claudia that I will meet Jeffrey in prison. Cohen drives to the police station. At The police station Cohen goes inside the police station. Cohen tells the police that he may nee…

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  • Langesam1234

    Trial (episode)

    March 24, 2018 by Langesam1234

    Trial is the third episode of The Matrix. It is the third episode of The Matrix.

    • Cohen tells Connor and Claudia that he is on the next mission. Cohen tells them to Be checking in. Cohen drives to a theatre. At the theatre Cohen goes inside. In the theatre Cohen finds out that the saviors have got in and then Cohen kills them. Cohen leaves the theatre and then he escapes. Cohen has a theatre usher named Chuck (Adam Harrington) who is led by Jeffrey. Cohen fights Jeffrey. Cohen grabs Chuck. Cohen shoots and kills Chuck and then he leaves the theatre. Cohen tells Connor and Claudia that the problem was led and solved earlier. Cohen goes to the FBI building. At the FBI building Cohen goes to meet Jeffrey and Danny to know that the corrupt FBI …

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  • Langesam1234
    • Empire Amomg Us is the second episode of The Matrix. It is the second episode of The Matrix.

    • Cohen tells Connor, Claudia and Jeffrey. Jeffrey, Claudia and Connor tells Cohen to not mess with crazies. Cohen tells them okay. Cohen says see you later. Cohen drives to the library. Cohen meets The Oracle (Roberta Shore) The Oracle tells Cohen that I am glad to see you. Cohen tells The Oracle good. Cohen takes The Oracle time. Cohen and The Oracle goes to Neo's funeral. Oracle is sad and then she says that Neo was my friend and then Cohen says correct. Cohen takes The Oracle home. Cohen makes The Oracle happy again. Cohen picks up the cash and then hands it to The Oracle. Cohen finds out that Danny is on the balcony. Danny escapes and then runs …

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  • Langesam1234
    • The Matrix is Hacked is the first episode of The Matrix. It is the first episode of season 1.

    • Cohen (Jamie McGonnigal) gives himself more visits to know what is right. Cohen goes to a closet. Cohen finishes house cleaning. Cohen goes outside. Cohen meets Connor (Omid Djalli) Cohen's captain who wants to fight the bad guys in the Matrix. Cohen tells Connor that's great. Cohen and Connor drives to a plaza. At the plaza Cohen and Connor meets a hacker named Claudia (Spring Byington) who wants to give more information out. Cohen, Connor and Claudia helps clear the virus that is found out to believe its corrupt. They have a group of SWAT team led by Jeffrey and then Cohen kills the SWAT team and then he escapes with Connor and Claudia. Connor t…

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  • Langesam1234

    There is a list of episodes in The Matrix.

    • 1. E1 The Matrix is Hacked (episode). March 23 2018.
    • 2. E2 Empire Among Heroes (Episode). March 23 2018.
    • 3. E3 Trial (episode). March 23 2018.
    • 4. E4 Operation only (Episode). March 23 2018.
    • 5. E5 Call Number Three (Episode). March 23 2018.
    • 6. E6 Duty Prison (Episode). March 23 2018.
    • 7. E7 S.W.A.T. World (Episode). March 23 2018.
    • 8. E8 Biography (Episode). March 23 2018.
    • 9. E9 Getting It Over With (Episode). March 23 2018.
    • 10. E10 One Destination (Episode). March 23 2018.
    • 11. E11 Universal Ideas (Episode). March 23 2018.
    • 12. E12 Corrupt Collison (Episode). March 23 2018.
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  • Langesam1234
    • The Matrix is an American 2018 science fiction show starring Jamie McGonnigal, Omid Djalli, Spring Byington, Robert L. Crawford Jr., Doug McClure and Roberta Shore.

    • Genre
    • Science Fiction
    • Starring
    • Jamie McGonnigal
    • Omid Djalli
    • Spring Byington
    • Robert L. Crawford Jr.
    • Doug McClure
    • Roberta Shore
    • Run time
    • 15 min
    • Network
    • Netflix
    • Original Release
    • March 23 2018-Present

    • Jamie McGonnigal as Cohen, A superhero in the matrix.
    • Omid Djalli as Connor, Cohen's captain.
    • Spring Byington as Claudia, A hacker.
    • Robert L. Crawford Jr. As Jeffrey, An FBI Agent and Savior.
    • Doug McClure as Danny, A serial killer.
    • Roberta Shore as The Oracle, Neo's friend and then she is now Cohen's friend.

    • List of episodes in The Matrix TV Series

    • List of deaths in The Matrix TV Series

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  • USS T'hy'la


    September 21, 2017 by USS T'hy'la

    Rangers creed. // Nasa programmer. // My necessities// dell ,Alienware game station. Intel duo core Pentium 4 processor 356 bits encrypted 3. USB ports Digital cam Corder Smart camera ports Web cam installation. TV guide DVR Upgraded cable guide stations.

    Seals creed.// Scouts programer. // peroguee letter.// nouveau tech.

    Illuminati , admirals medal. Freemasons, presidential medal of merit. IMF, William t hornaday award. The brotherhood. Distinguished service medal. The league , centurion award. The association ,centurion award. Scull and bones , josh sane memorial. Power elite, lodge ledger. Bandidos mc ,peroguee.

    Memberships//.include.merit badges and medals.awards.

    Hello world 🌎....

    Airman creed.//matrix program//

    Business ,IT,data…
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  • Deanknowkio


    July 17, 2017 by Deanknowkio

    12. 5. 5 . 8. 1. 18. 22. 5. 25 . 15. 19. 23. 1. 12. 4.

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  • A FANDOM user

    Shomi kaisar

    May 14, 2017 by

    Hi , There I am Tanmoy Mazumder on behalf of Ramakrishna Mission , Bangladesh . I found here no meaning of living such a life . waiting for someone to come for me .

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  • Wafflestompyamum

    Mister Anderson

    February 20, 2017 by Wafflestompyamum

    Fuck this page and you stupid no life virgins that actually put time and effort into this shitty fucking page, matrix was a good movie that you ruined with your cringy ass page were you call suck off Neo you weird ass cunt niggas bitch faggs. I hope all 53 of you all end you life after dropping out of school to still living with your mum, licking her moot daily.  My name is Ronan Blythe and I am here to ercadicate you all, I was home alone and finally fucked my cat, so I was in a happy mood until I saw this fucking cancer as fuck wiki. I am the dark overlord and I am going to destroy you all, I am chaos itself, fear me as I bleed black blood and cause terror across the land.

    - Rawr xD

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    Reverse Imaging Technology or (R.I.T.)  – coined by: Website Publishers – is also one of the many uses of Li-Fi – visible light communication (VLC). LED Lighting – Light-Emitting-Diodes, which is the conduit for the transmission of thousands of data streams, send bidirectionally / Send/Receive a hundred times faster then Wi-Fi. At speeds up to 224 gigabits per second. Usually video streaming and very large amounts of data at the speed of light ! right through our display units, electrical lines and the like ie. computer monitors and TVs, etc. Yes we said it…. data is also being sent right through the LED display units (back and forth) Duplex if you will! and delivered by way of Li-Fi / Wi-Fi, Cable Internet, Cable TV, and electrical lines …

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  • A FANDOM user

    Peter Goudanis

    January 1, 2017 by

    The green text code that represents the matrix is a code that if added together equals the sum of 1005897466834048601, which when translated through certain computing software reads 'Peter Goudanis' in English; named after American assistant-writer Peter Goudanis who helped design the interface.

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  • Thereselovesyou
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  • Xensyria

    Interwiki Links

    November 20, 2016 by Xensyria

    So, I've been looking into the strange world of inter-language Matrix wikis over the past few days, and found out that some of the wikis we were linked to no longer exist.

    It turns out these wikis (French, Spanish and Turkish) had been created, but apart from the home page, had no content. Wikia's scripts had checked for empty wikis, and deleted them, but left all the other wikis linked to them.

    Now I've gone through all the ISO 639-1 language codes... and found a few more .matrix wikis. it.matrix has a few articles, so shouldn't be a problem if it's added. zh.matrix on the other hand is another "home page only" job...

    The third one I came across is ru.matrix... its one article doesn't compare well to ru.neopedia's 218 (and counting...), but it…

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  • Xensyria

    Other Wikis

    November 19, 2016 by Xensyria

    I'm in a list making mood... so as well as the Matrix Online and Matrix Fanon (edit: plus Matrix Roleplay!), here are some other wikis that discuss the Matrix... see how deep the rabbit hole goes:

    • Crossover Wiki: The Matrix
    • VS Battles: all Matrix articles
    • Top Strongest Wikia: all Matrix articles
    • Robot Supremacy Wiki: all Matrix articles
    • Movie Morgue Wiki: all Matrix articles
    • All the Tropes Wiki: The Matrix
    • PPC Wiki: The Matrix
    • Villains Wiki: The Architect, Agent Smith, Abel, Bane, Cain, Twins, Machines, Sentinels, Deus Ex Machina, Cypher, Cypherites, Agent Johnson, Vamps, Merovingian, Agents, Larry the Architect (parody), Sanderson (parody)
    • Heroes Wiki: Resistance
    • Superpowers Wiki: Cyberpotence
    • What is the Matrix? Wiki (another generic Matrix Wiki)
    • Unc…
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  • A FANDOM user

    The Real life Neo

    October 8, 2016 by

    I am here.

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  • Teduhjiwakalani

    The Matrix Resurrection (previously known as The Matrix 4) is the possible next flim in the Matrix flim franchise.

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  • A FANDOM user

    Main Villains

    May 29, 2016 by
    Smith is the main antagonist of the matrix.He is an agent and later a program virus. He made lots of copies of him. Read more >
  • Sclera1

    I learnt that recently the site which had the source to most of the recorded mission (the Daniel institue seems to be frozen or out of commission. So i don't see how else i can find and write down the missions. At least i got what few that i wrote down anyway previously.., sorry about that. also i tried to use the torrent download but it doesn't seem to work for me =(

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  • A FANDOM user

    There are a number of instances in The Matrix that make me feel that Morpheus is (unwittingly) just a BIG part of the entire plan of the machine system.

    Everybody needs a guide.

    Free your mind.

    Without Morpheus and the followers he attracted, there would be no premise at all for the one to be found. He was a facilitator for the entire thing from top to bottom.

    "She told me I would find the one" - he says to Neo of the Oracle's little birdy in the ear chit chat; yeah, of course she did you daft sod, it's your job to find the one, he need to be found doesn't he, that's the basic premise of the anomoly that The Architect talks about.

    That basically means that every last little ounce of flesh in the movie (anyone or anything that isn't a machine) w…

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  • A FANDOM user


    It's all of 16 years since The Matrix hit the big screen and fuelled the dreams of conspiracy theorists the world over.

    Everybody your science is way off the mark, without your underhanded input, my friends and I would never have had the all-night discussions and countless violent exchanges that have shaped our lives since 1999.

    I salute you sir - you big fat machine loving liar you!

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  • A FANDOM user

    Cain's Jacket

    July 18, 2015 by

    I like his jacket :

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  • Archdevil!!

    Visible crew/equipment:

    September 24, 2014 by Archdevil!!

    In the scene 'Rooftop Rescue', when Morpheus is hanging from Neo's arm (who is hanging from the helicopter), a safety wire is visible running out of Morpheus' sleeve and into Neo's hand.


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  • Archdevil!!

    Revealing mistake:

    September 24, 2014 by Archdevil!!

    When it is Neo's turn to make the Jump he takes a run up, and the camera changes to a brief sideshot of him running across the top of the building with the sky behind him. There is a big fuzzy blobby outline around him which should have been edited out.  

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  • Archdevil!!

    Continuity mistake

    September 24, 2014 by Archdevil!!



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  • Archdevil!!


    September 24, 2014 by Archdevil!!

    Matrix.. being one of the legendary movie seen by me.. really inspires a theoretical implication of being real in the near future.. nah..maybe i am ex aggregating. The best thing i like about it is Once one accepts The Matrix as a generated reality of malicious machines invention then this is Descartes' First Meditation, or evil demon, a hypothesis that the perceived world might be a comprehensive illusion created to deceive us.Interpretations of The Matrix often reference Baudrillard's philosophy to demonstrate that the film is an allegory.The film is known for popularizing a visual effect known as "bullet time", which allows a shot to progress in slow-motion while the camera appears to move through the scene at normal speed. Bullet time …

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  • Dumbassman

    Simulacra and Simulation

    September 14, 2014 by Dumbassman

    On my blog where I post opinion pieces, I wrote a post about Simulacra and Simulation.


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  • Prabhat singh!

    will smith...

    August 8, 2014 by Prabhat singh!

    why wasn't will smith taken as the character of neo.. he still repents for that...??

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  • Prabhat singh!

    i dont know why.. but it has a certain proximity of a world like matrix being still in existence.. not in this worl but in the parralel world.

    and by the way matrix seriously uses sanskrit and words like 'karma' in it... where did you got an idea for that...??

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  • Sclera1

    MxO Online Info update

    August 2, 2014 by Sclera1

    So far I have been able to write down some of the missions to the Matrix Online wiki, but that involves searching through some randomly assorted folders for the first snapshot, then trying to write down most of them and then trying to look around for the next one and then repeat the process. Plus not all of the missions have been saved, such as the Merovingian ones from Episode 3.2- 3.3. Any help with donating information to the Matrix Online would be really welcome, in particular the NPC mobs and any of the missing missions. This would help in creating a memorial for the game that is on the verge of becoming forgotten. Thank you all for reading the blog.

    Heres the adress to the Matrix Online wiki:

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  • A FANDOM user

    Reseach on neo

    July 24, 2014 by

    neo was just a normal guy and would have had a long happy life before the matrix called him in. so why pick some random guy to wake up and save the world when he still knows nothing about what's going on? he's a hacker so you pull him out of a virtoual invierment and tell him to save the world?!?!?!

    in a distant future, people made robots to do all kinds of stuff for them but after a while, the robots turned evil. since the robots where solar powered, people palouted the air. so the robots found a new way to power themselves, humans. but to keep the humans calm, the robots created the matrix. but people woke up and hacked back in. but they gained supernatural powers by creating programs and training in them.

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  • Cascades1


    June 7, 2013 by Cascades1

    So im new... Hi.... Does anyone know how active the editors are? thanks :D 


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  • SamusTheHedgehog

    Has anyone seen this commertial? i thought it was great!

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  • Hellohelloolleh

    just joined

    April 4, 2013 by Hellohelloolleh

    i just joined

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  • Xensyria


    November 16, 2012 by Xensyria

    With the new(ish) navbar at the top of the Wiki, I thought it was time to get the forums working. Forum:Index should now serve as the hub, with three subforums: Forum:Construct for discussions about the wiki and content (it's something we're all building after all), Forum:Zero One for technical help (whether machine language or otherwise) and Forum:Matrix for discussions about the Matrix series.

    I've also started it off with an idea on a new systematic approach to the Wiki (please have a read and post your thoughts there). As always, let me know if it's working, what you think, and if you have any ideas for better names for the forums!

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  • A FANDOM user

    The matrix reborn

    November 15, 2012 by

    to whome it may concern,

    • well where do i start and without sounding crazy the matrix reborn will be a reboot but an add on to revolution but also a prequel in the sense of him being younger with the story as follows. last night i had a really disturbed sleep it was a really rough night but for some reason when i woke up in the middle of night i had this thought in my head that i couldnt shake it was like a lived though the dream like a movie which happened to be the matrix reborn almost like it was announced and released and i watched it. the idea was neo was put back into the matrix after his sacrifice he was in a coma so the machine implanted him back into the matrix to restore balance and begin a new, so he was a born again rather than b…

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  • Wagnike2

    Always wanted to make a video list of every time a character says a cool quote? Wish you could capture every awesome fight scene in your favorite movie? Want the exact clip that perfectly fits with the content of your article page? Now you can. We have recently signed a partnership with AnyClips, which will let us take any scene from a selected list of movie titles and turn them into licensed videos you can use on your wiki.

    How does it work? Easy. Visit the Wikia Video Library and fill out our clip request form here. Select from the dropdown in the form to see a list of available movie titles and describe which scene you’d like us to clip for you. Once we create the clip, we will let you know on your talk page or message wall so you c…

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  • Xsqphil

    myMarky'dGlass 2

    September 1, 2012 by Xsqphil

    Many babies where born who almost got to neo's edge of reasoning, a built in test by man to ask the computer conservator if the earth was reclaimable. Neo got thru because the time had come. As in the first Matrix where he learns of the war, now he understands the formation of the world built by man for the hiveranation. How will man react to their stasis days.

    This allows for a prequel of a near-neo 100 yrs earlier, with an older guard of captains & new paths for the way the planet is built anew.

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  • Xsqphil

    myMarky'dGlass 1

    September 1, 2012 by Xsqphil

    The phone rings and they are instructed to build the chairs to communicate further now that the war with machines has gotten from cat and mouse to bloody. These where started as peace talks so man thought, but they sent spies to dig around. They learned their must be more, all that power, why. The conservator was trying to teach each generation as if they where just a grade. 12 generations later, its graduation time.

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