Bugs are robotic probes used by the Machines to track a bluepill's location in the Matrix. They are inserted onto human flesh, where they will burrow underneath and take shelter inside the human body.

While activated they appear to be a small dark gray steel robot with a single red eye. However, once deactivated the squirming probe will appear to be back in a motionless steel probe and the red eye turns off.

Appearances Edit


The bug burrowing into Neo’s navel.

  • In The Matrix, after refusing to cooperate during interrogation by Agents Smith, Brown and Jones, Neo has a bug placed on his abdomen, which burrows into his navel. It is later removed by Trinity and Switch.

The bug being ripped out of Neo’s Navel.

  • Ash in the Animatrix short film "A Detective Story" has a bug planted behind his eye during what he believed was an eye examination dream which was removed by Trinity when he found her.


  • The scene where the bug enters Neo’s navel was intended as a rape metaphor, since Neo’s mouth is sealed shut and a phallic shaped object is forcefully penetrating his navel, with it representing an orifice.
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