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We got the idea for Bullet Time from you.

― The Analyst to Neo[src]

Neo, slowed with "bullet time" by The Analyst, uselessly strains to stop a bullet heading towards Trinity.

"Bullet Time" is a new ability within The Analyst's rebooted and redesigned version of the Matrix, selectively slowing down time within a localized part of the simulation. This allows The Analyst to freeze entire rooms full of people, or slow them down to a crawl, and even has some limited ability to rewind events in the simulation.

The Analyst stated that they actually got the idea from Neo, whose powers as The One allowed him to move so fast he could dodge bullets, by breaking the rules of reality within the simulation - though in turn, Neo's ability to move this fast was also directly compared by Trinity to how Agents can move so fast they dodge bullets.

The "original" bullet time involved Neo (and Agents) moving faster than the simulation around them.

While The Analyst mockingly calls this "Bullet Time", there are key distinctions from the original: Neo (and Agents) move faster than the simulation as a whole in order to dodge bullets, but The Analysts's new "Bullet Time" command makes the entire simulation (and resistance members in it) move slower. Also, if he chooses The Analyst can still communicate at a normal rate to people who are frozen in bullet time.

To The Analyst's surprise, the rogue program Smith is immune to his "bullet time" controls - owing to his past as a glitch program, "opposite" of The One, so powerful that he once nearly overran the entire Matrix itself. When The Analyst tries to freeze him, Smith just casually walks up to The Analyst and with a single punch sends him flying across the room.


  • In real life, the term "Bullet Time" originated behind the scenes on the first Matrix movie, but since then "Bullet Time" has become an official term to describe similar camera effects.