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Hope and one of her RSIs

Burning Hope is a comic written and drawn by John Van Fleet for The Matrix Comics Series 2 which was included in The Matrix Comics Volume 1 and was also later included in The Matrix Comics: 20th Anniversary Edition. The comic told the story of a hovercraft crew, sans their captain, as they attempted to rescue and extract a young and gifted girl with extraordinary abilities from the Matrix.


Crew members of an unknown hovercraft were trying to find and rescue a gifted child out of the Matrix under the cryptic guidance of The Oracle. They were able to track the location of the child to an orphanage. Eight Ball was the first operative sent out to find the child and found that the orphanage had just very recently been burned down. Suspecting the involvement of Agents, the operator, Charon, quickly urged Eight Ball to exit and forget about tagging the child but, with Agents lying in wait, Eight Ball was caught in the setup and killed.

The crew, minus their absent captain, discussed their next steps in the Real World and eventually decided to continue and complete the rescue mission while the tag program was still active instead of, as suggested by Duncan, waiting for their captain to return the next day and risk the Machines discovering and tracing back the tag program to their Real World location.

The next operative that arrived at the orphanage was Link who deciphered what The Oracle told them and figured out through his investigation of the orphanage that the child they were looking for was a girl named Hope. He was able to find Hope with the help of the tag program from Eight Ball. He also figured out her extraordinary ability to change her own RSI, similar to how an Agent could manipulate RSIs, before Hope sensed the arrival of Agents and escaped to the roof.

A gunfight ensued and Link continued to pursue Hope to the roof while also successfully keeping the Agents, who were now pursuing them, at bay. Link found Hope at the roof top and, with help from Duncan and Charon, determined a possible exit path. Hope then used her ability in order to fly them out of the roof.



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