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Caboclo was a former member of the rebel faction known as Unlimit. He was tortured and killed by the faction's leader known as Anome after he questioning the leader's threats to innocent civilians.

Because of his death, a friend of his and former fellow member, Meillak, gave the Machines his former leader's psychological weaknesses and other information like that in a bid to defeat him.


Bluepill and Early life Edit

Caboclo was a Brazillian who lived his early up in the village on the Rio Negro (in the world of the Matrix). At the age of 10, his family moved to Mega City (or that they were awakened?). He has never felt at home in the new environment.

Member of Unlimit Edit

He "awakened" when he was 14 years of age, the change associated with the new environment was as traumatic as when he moved to the Megacity. He still yearned for his first and only home in the village and by the river. He became associated with the then-Zionite known as Anome when he became friends with Crop. All of them became Unlimit when Anome betrayed Zion. Upon drinking the code-vials, Caboclo gained two extra arms as a result of this.

Death Edit

The Machines believed that he may be a weak link in the organization, for he later questioned Anome about why they are killing the bluepills. When Caboclo mentioned the leader's mother, Anome went into a big rage. Because of this he was later tortured and killed by the mad leader. Anome began to tear out all of his limbs, one by one. However, this opened up another opportunity of eliminating the organization when Melliak, motivated by the loss of his friend, told the Machinists psychological weaknesses and other useful information to bring Anome down.

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  • "Caboclo" is a term used to describe a person of a mixed ancestry of Brazilian Indian and European or African

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