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Cain was an Exiled Vamp Program working as a henchman for The Merovingian.


Program Creation[]

Cain was created in an early version of the Matrix but soon became obsolete in a later redesign of the Matrix made by The Architect. Facing deletion, Cain along with Abel were saved by The Merovingian who recruits them into his service as henchmen, favoring their unusual kill-code requirements.

Enter the Matrix[]

Cain and Abel are both charged with guarding The Keymaker's cell but together betray The Merovingian by intentionally letting The Keymaker escape from his prison beneath the The Merovingian's Chateau. This allows the two to observe The Keymaker's movements, stalking him until they are able to steal the key to the Source. Originally meant only for The One, the two plan on using the key to live outside The Merovingian's circle of influence.

Ultimately, Abel betrays Cain by telling The Merovingian about the key, leading to its destruction by The Merovingian. Cain and Abel are then forced back into The Merovingian's servitude.

Abel's Death[]

When Persephone leads Morpheus, Trinity and Neo to The Keymaker's cell, she shoots Abel in the head with a silver bullet, demonstrating the special method of killing a Lupine program.

Persephone then threatens to also kill Cain unless he acts as a messenger to The Merovingian, reporting what his wife has done.

Battle with The One[]

After retrieving The Keymaker, Neo and the others attempt to leave the Chateau only to be interrupted by The Merovingian and his henchmen thanks to Cain's quick reporting. Persephone, having played her game, justifies her actions to her husband as a simply result of his transgressions and exits the room, leaving The Merovingian's group and the Resistance operatives to deal with each other.

After The Merovingian orders The Twins to go after The Keymaker, who hurriedly flees the scene with Morpheus and Trinity, he orders Cain and the other henchmen to shoot Neo who was left alone to handle them. The group open fires on Neo who stands his ground and stops all of the bullets. Seeing how guns are ineffective, the battle turns into a martial arts showdown.


The close quarter combat starts with Cain unleashing jumping spinning kicks at Neo in sync with another exiled Vamp. Neo dodges and deflects all of Cain's attacks however and knocks back both vampires. Trying to re-engage Neo after a quick recovery, Cain is caught by surprise when Neo closes the distance and lands a forceful snap kick to his chest. The impact of the kick causes Cain to fly back across the room, smashing through the mounted statue near the foot of the staircase and hitting his back against the wall.

The impact causes Cain to fall chest-first on one of the broken statue pieces, impaling him through the heart and killing him while the melee rages on in the background.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • In the theatrical releases he is portrayed by actor, director, stunt coordinator David No.
  • Cain and Abel bore the same name as a pair of biblical brothers. However, Abel instead betrays Cain to their master, The Merovingian, and Abel is killed by Persephone instead of Cain.