Cellular phone

A cellular phone or cell phone was a wireless communication device that can make and receive telephone calls over a radio link while moving around a wide geographic area within the Matrix.


Cell phones were used by redpills and bluepills but for different purposes. Bluepills use cell phones to contact anyone they want from: family, friends, partners, spouses, and company operating machines. The bluepills use cell phones for their own use without knowing about their true nature within the Matrix.

Cell phones used for communicating the Real WorldEdit

Cellular phone Call

Trinity using her cell phone to contact Link.

Redpills use cell phones mainly to communicate with other redpills within and outside of the Matrix. Members of the resistance also use cell phones to contact hovercraft Operators for information on other Resistance members and requesting locations of usable and safe exits.

Members of the Resistance use their cell phones very quickly when speaking to Operators due to the possibility of having their line hacked and agents and other programs can know the location of the calling redpill within the Matrix and the location of the Operator and the hovercraft.

Cell phone TypesEdit

Like on Earth during the 21st century, there are many different cell phone types made by different manufacturers. Some of the cell phones used in the Matrix resemble real life cell phones created by real companies.

Nokia 8110

Main article: Nokia 8110

This cell phone type was the first of Nokia's high-end, 8xxx series of cell phones released during the mid-1990s. Its distinctive styling was the first example of a 'slider' form factor with a spring-loaded slider. This cell phone was mostly used during the early year of 2199 while the Resistance was searching for The One.

The Matrix Reloaded Cell phone

Main article: The Matrix Reloaded Cell phone

This cell phone was used by many Resistance members during the near-end of the Machine War. The most remarkable feature of this cell phone is its spring-loaded earpiece which snaps up to reveal the phone's monitor screen and it also brings the earpiece up and closer to the user.


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