Charra was a member of the Resistance and soldier of Zion. She participated in the Battle of Zion, wielding a rocket launcher primarily against the huge Diggers which tunneled into the Dock during their attack.

Charra worked as a team with her friend Zee, who was responsible for supplying and reloading Charra's weapon. Though the Diggers were heavily protected by Sentinels, Charra was able to score direct hits on two legs of a Digger, temporarily disabling it.

After missing a shot that most likely would have permanently disabled one of the Diggers, Charra and Zee were attacked by nearby Sentinels. Though Zee was able to make it to safety behind a hatch cover, Charra was impaled through the feet and flayed to death by Sentinel tentacles.

Behind the scenes Edit

Rachel Blackman was hired to play the role of Charra.

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