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In the matrix online, the exile sentinel program leader, The General, had in his possession some Cheat codes in the form of vials. Upon consumption, it gives the person who drinks it various superpowers.

The general, upon appearing for the first time to the Zionites, including Niobe, offered some cheat codes in the form of vials. Upon securing the key and the briefcase containing the vials, Niobe's crewmate, Anome, killed the guards guarding the case and stole the vials for himself. He then established a group known as Unlimit, the members of which were abusing their power and became threat to all of the playable factions. Niobe, shot during Anome's act of betrayal, could be speculated to have survived due to tasting a cheat code vial.

Upon Anome's assassination by the Agents, they proceeded to dump the remaining vials in the aquaduct.

Effects varied include:

  • Anome, fires blasts of energy
  • Caboclo, two pairs of arms
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