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This article is about the the bluepill in the comic Butterfly, for the potential in the game The Matrix: Path of Neo, see Chuang Tzu (potential)

Chuang Tzu was a bluepill who lived in Chinatown.

While sweeping his apartment after watering his bonsai and lighting incense at his shrine, first a redpill operative and then three Agents smashed through his window.

His phone began to ring as an exit for the redpill operative. The phone continued to ring. After simply standing to one side, Chuang Tzu pointed over his shoulder to the phone, which was hidden behind a screen. As the redpill went for the exit, the Agents paused as Chuang Tzu was blocking their way.

When the phone stopped ringing, as it was picked up, he swung the broom he was still holding and knocked the guns from the Agents' hands. Now angry, the Agents picked up their guns, and, seeing that the operative had escaped, they opened fire, destroying the phone, screen and bonsai, and killing Chuang Tzu. As he lay dying, a butterfly flew over his face and out of the smashed window into the night sky.

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