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Cis was a Resistance member and, along with Duo and Kaiser, a crew member aboard an unnamed hovercraft.


As a redpill crew member, Cis trained digitally in the simulations provided to her. She had an affinity for the feudal Japan era. Thus her favorite training program was battles in samurai armor and weaponry.

Cis, at one point, was joined in her ancient Japanese siege simulation by a program made by the rest of her crew. The program was made to appear just like Duo and was designed to test where her allegiances truly lied. Cis however did not know that it was a test and she believed that the program was Duo in armor. Cis and the program engaged in a fight and, towards the end, Cis had been disarmed by the program and made to believe that Duo had betrayed the human Resistance in exchange for leniency from the Machines; offering her a means to be part of the deal with him. When she refused, he attacks her. In retaliation, she expertly catched Duo's blade, breaking it, and subsequently stabbed him in the throat with the broken blade. Afterwards, she was immediately unplugged by her fellow crew mate Kaiser and was told that the event was merely a test, and one that she had passed. Cis thanked Kaiser for the trouble by punching him and walking off. Kaiser and the rest of the crew looked on in good humor.


  • Program
  • The Matrix: Path Of Neo (Cutscene Only)