Cis was a resistance member and a crew member, along with Duo and Kaiser, aboard an unnamed Hovercraft.

She appears in The Animatrix short film entitled Program. She was voiced by Hedy Burress.

As a redpilled crew member, Cis trained digitally in the simulations provided to her. She had an affinity for the feudal Japan era. Thus her favorite training program was battles in samurai armor and weaponry.

During Program Cis is joined in her simulation of an ancient japanese seige by a program made by the rest of her crew to test where her allegences truly lie. She however does not know that it is a test as she believes the program is a team member in armor. By the end of their fight, Cis is disarmed by Duo and made to believe that Duo has betrayed the human resistance in exchange for leniency from the Machines; offering her a means to go with him. When she refuses this gesture he attacks her. In retaliation, she expertly catches Duo's blade, breaking it, and subsequently stabbing him in the throat with it. Afterwards, she is immediately un-plugged by her crew member Kaiser and told that the event was merely a simulation, one that she has passed. Cis thanks Kaiser for the trouble by punching him and walking off, while Kaiser and the rest of the crew look on in good humor.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

  • Program
  • The Matrix: Path Of Neo (Cutscene Only)
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