This article is about the private detective, for the Second Renaissance lawyer, see Clarence Drummond.

Ash visiting Clarence in his cell.

Clarence was a bluepill private detective in the Matrix, who was driven insane searching for Trinity by her alias "The Red Queen".

Committed to a mental asylum but still obsessed with the search, Clarence used red chalk to scrawl "Find the Red Queen" on his wall, and cover his floor in a checkered chessboard pattern.

He was the third of four detectives to look for Trinity; the first killed himself, the second disappeared and by the time that the fourth, Ash, was on the trail, Clarence was the only other one left.

Clarence's cell.

As a result, Ash paid him a visit in his cell to see if he had any clues that could lead to Trinity. He found him sitting crossed legged on the floor facing the windows in the wall he had written on, muttering that Trinity was unreal, a figment of his imagination, and even questioning his own identity; Ash was forced to look elsewhere for clues.

Quote[edit | edit source]

  • "Trinity... doesn't exist man. He's not real, he's a... a figment... a cipher........ a jabberwocky. And who am I? Who the hell am I?"

Appearance[edit | edit source]

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