Code Pulse Devices were devices used by EPN, which were similar to the code bombs used by Morpheus. However, they were harmless to bluepills as well as able to extract sensitive information from the Matrix.

History Edit

Usage Edit

With the use of these devices, EPN discovered that over the past 8 months, at three different points, at three different times, a signal had been appearing in the Matrix. The signal was associated to that of a hovercraft captain's beacon, but there was no matching code to identify it. With the help of Ghost and Zion Control, Shimada and EPN operatives discovered that the captain's beacon signal belong to the Nabonidus, which was captained by the then Morpheus, who was recently listed as deceased.

Morpheus alive? Edit

When the Kid arranged a meeting with Niobe at the calculated location of the mysteriously alive Morpheus, the Kid placed a code pulse device at the figure's feet in order to prove that Morpheus was still alive. After an hour, Niobe became concerned that she and the Zionite forces being in proximity to the device would harm the truce between them and the machines. She attempted to persuade Kid to turn off the device, and desperately tried to disable it herself, but was unable to go near to the device due to a suppression field placed by the crew of Neo's Hope.

When the device detonated, a shimmering RSI appeared which was claimed by some to be very similar to Morpheus, but all agreed that his RSI was severely injured. The Kid vanished from the scene, while Niobe and the Zionites and EPN were forced to flee from the quick retaliation of the Agents.

Sati's abduction Edit

During Sati's abduction by The General, EPN assisted in Sati's rescue by deploying these devies to slow down The General's progress and to learn the location of his base on the Earth's surface. In the Syntax instance, EPN operatives sucessfully attempted to disrupt two helipads of the remote-control helicopters used by The General and his soldiers. As a result, it reduced the number of operable helicopters for the general, though none of the helicopters was used to abduct Sati.

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