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A Commando

Commandos are Exile programs working for the General. They are exiled programs that were formerly a renegade Sentinels that didn't agree with the truce between Man and Machines. They no longer work for the Machines and have entered the Matrix with their leader via Stalingrad. Other types of Commandos include the Elite Commandoes, which are enhanced versions of the normal Commandos.


Individual CommandosEdit

  • Major Dyson
  • Major Klein
  • Specialist Yuklyanyuk

  • Sgt. Hartman
  • Sgt Steele (AKA Jack Steele)
  • Sgt Parker (AKA Dean Parker)
  • Sgt Sage (Sage Stevens)
  • Sgt Jackson (AKA Robert Jackson)
  • Sgt Long
  • Corp Davis
  • Corp Frost
  • Corp Leon
  • Corp Graner
  • Corp Miller
  • Corp Deveraux
  • Corp Hawkins
  • Pvt Beck
  • Pvt Jackson (AKA Richard Jackson)
  • Pvt Morris (AKA Hector Morris)
  • Pvt Johnson (AKA Jack Johnson)
  • Pvt Reese
  • Pvt Gomez
  • Pvt Dyson
  • Pvt Ward
  • Pvt Harris (AKA Tom Harris)
  • Pvt Davis
  • Pvt Kent
  • Pvt Stevens (AKA Marcus Stevens )
  • Pvt North
  • Major Masters (AKA Robert Masters)

Fake AgentsEdit

  • Agent 01
  • Agents 1-8
  • Agent 43693
  • Agent 10000000 - Agent 10000021
  • Agent 8C1717


The commandos appear in The Matrix Online.

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