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The Crisis Meeting was a summit held in the sewers of Mega City in the Matrix by Hovercraft crews to discuss the bad news brought by Niobe and Ghost, regarding the Osiris.


Prior to the destruction of the Osiris, Thadeus, who doesn't trusts using a drop had no choice but to use one. He recorded a transmission, fearing it'll be the last, he reported a giant army of Sentinels that were digging in the surface to get to Zion. Before long, they were pursued and sustained critical damage. He had Jue make the drop in the Matrix before the Osiris was destroyed with Thadeus hoping that the disk reaches Zion and if it does, it is not too late.

Shortly after the destruction of the Osiris, the crew of the Logos were instructed to recover the drop before it was found. Captain Niobe, a personal friend of Thadeus knew he never used a drop before. They found it at the post office and were able to recover it and watch the transmission before sending it to Zion, via emergency broadcast. Following the broadcast, Jason Lock instructed Niobe to do a full recall. Prior to the meeting and while using the payphones at the airport, Niobe and Ghost rescued Axel of the Vigilant. The evening of the meeting, all the crew members arrived, but the Nebuchadnezzar was late.

The Meeting[]

The crew of the Logos brought proof from the Osiris about the Sentinel army digging their way down to Zion. Ajax of the Icarus was skeptical before Morpheus and the Nebuchadnezzar crew who were the last to arrive reassured him.

The summit decided to immediately return to Zion and warn the defenses, however Morpheus came with a request: for one ship to stay behind in case The Oracle would wish to contact them. The request was granted by Ballard of the Caduceus.

While the meeting was still ongoing, Smith (formerly an Agent, now an Exile) arrived at the area and anonymously requested to see Neo, in one of the few instances where he didn't use the name "Mr. Anderson" (Neo's Bluepill name), in order to drop off a message to let him know that Neo "set him free". Corrupt got the package before bluntly telling him to leave. Neo also sensed Smith's presence outside, and after looking at the contents of the gift, an unplugged earpiece, sensed that Agents were approaching and ordered Worm and Corrupt to leave and warn the others.

Immediately after Worm and Corrupt had left the room, the newly-upgraded Agents Thompson, Johnson and Jackson broke into the room and engaged Neo, whom they referred to as "the Anomaly". However, despite their power-ups, the trio was no match for Neo, who easily disposed of the three and flew away from the area.

Due to the unexpected arrival of the Agents, the meeting had to end ahead of schedule. Most of the crews managed to fight their way out and escaped through the sewers. Smith and one of his clones then arrived at the area the meeting had been held and sarcastically commented about the situation.


Some of the participants from L to R: Roland, Tirant, Bane, Ballard and Malachi.

Of those present during the Crisis Meeting, some of the most notable were: