Danielle Wright

Danielle Wright

Danielle Wright was formerly a Zionite, but later founded the company known as Wright Research. One of her areas of particular expertise was interface technology. It is rumored that she may have been linked to the Oligarchs.

Danielle Wright-Oligarch form

Danielle Wright in her Oligarch form


Chapter 8.2.2-8.2.3Edit

Zion tyrned to Dannielle Wright, an ex-Zionite who now worked as the manager behind Wright Research, to create a code for a red pill program that would not be vulnerable to the exploit the Machines used to gather info in the Zion databanks.

after some preliminary less-than-successful test runs, she finally suceeded in creating a new red pill program for Zion. Forced to move her activities underground when the Machines discovered her work, Wright, finding Cypherites attempting to decode her encrypted jack-in signal, decided to leave the simulation for good, telling Zion operatives that there was work she had to do, but she could no longer do it in the city. She also rejected invitations from operatives and even Commander Lock to seek refuge in Zion's new city, saying that her goals differed from theirs.

Chapter 8.2.4 Edit

The Machines investigated Wright's business, Wright Research, and found that they had worked closely with a small company, Argent Biometrics, specializing in encryption across biological interfaces similar to that used by Wright on her own jack-in signal.

Chapter 8.2.5 Edit

She was eventually captured by the machines, and collapsed after the Sentinels dispatched her body in the real. While Zion was analyzing captured Cypherite data, they found a brief message concerning Danielle Wright: "We found a neologism from Wright: Alphadecimal." With Danielle out of the big picture, Utley hinted that her company, consumer products giant Pendhurst-Amaranth, may be interested in acquiring the research firm.

Chapter 9.2.5 Edit

Chapter 10.1.3 Edit

Chapter 10.3.3 Edit

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