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Day In... Day Out was a webcomic written by Ted McKeever and drawn and scripted by Keron Grant for The Matrix Comics Series 2. It was not published in either of the first two printed volumes but was later printed as part of The Matrix Comics: 20th Anniversary Edition.


Taking place in the matrix the scene opens on a busy street. Focused on a unnamed bluepill she remarks on the monotony of everyday life. She steps into the street and a truck almost hits her. At he last moment Agent White posses her body and leaps out of the way.

An explosion from the side of a building. Agent Bird and Agent Ash take possession of two bluepills. They call in a tank and a helicopter. A rocket comes out of nowhere and takes down the helicopter.

Several redpills, including Tosk are on the ground moving towards an exit. The redpills then shoot into the crowd at random killing bluepills.

Agents fire back, killing all redpills. The agents acknowledge that they killed the redpills and soon they will be in Zion. The agents leave and the bluepills who were possessed are alive, hurt and confused.

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