Decelerator Spawns is a large floating ball of code that is summoned and used by the Intruder. It has appeared prominantly in the Vector instance of The Matrix Online. It constantly uses a debuff ability.

Chapter 9.2.3Edit

In Chapter 9.2.3, beside the previously encountered Accelerator spawns, Halborn summoned new types of program known as Decelerator spawns and Runtime spawns throughout the city.

Chapter 10.1.4Edit

During Chapter 10.1.4, Niobe led Zionite operatives to a Cypherite installation where they detected a spike of overwrite activity, as well as finding the Cypherites and Cryptos. There also was a deceleration program that was causing problems for both the Zionites and Cypherites, and some Merovingians that were seeking to cash in on the confusion.

Chapter 10.2.3Edit

Another decelerator was located scrambling the old restricted access hardline in one of its branches during Chapter 10.2.3. Zion noticed the spawn while in the process of closing down the system down for being compromise by the mysterious Mauser and the hostile machines.

A spawn was located even after he elimination of Halborn, while the machines were chasing merovingians through the security network of the mysterious Ouroboros Corporation.

Chapter 10.3.5Edit

Using network addresses from a captured log of the hacking incident at Ouroboros attributed to Mauser, Zion operatives located data on an Ouroboros computer that referred to what may have been a location on the surface of the Earth, with information about power ratings and network links. This data display was suddenly cut off, and Seraph appeared, asking Zion to stop investigating the data, as their investigation could be harmful. Niobe was not happy about the interruption, but admitted that she still trusts Seraph. Machines listened in on Ouroboros security transmissions to facilitate their pursuit of Merovingian forces attacking the company's network, where Machine operatives encountered evidence of violent clashes, as well as a powerful Decelerator override program. The transmissions and activity ceased when the operatives ran into Seraph, who warned them that their search must end.

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