"Take a good long look out that window and tell me if you see any white picket fences. Moron."
―Mia to Dez about his "cute fantasy" [src]

Dez at home

Dez was a bluepill who started to see through the Matrix to the numbers that everything in it was made from.


Dez began to think that he was losing touch with reality after seeing through the sugar he was pouring into a cup of coffee to the numbers that it was made up of. For the next six weeks he started seeing everything formed from these numbers, becoming paranoid as he saw men in black suits watching him from a distance as a threat.

As a result he wanted to live a normal life, convincing his girlfriend Mia to stop drug running for crime lord Marlowe so that the two of them could spend more time together. Instead, she started gun running to a criminal cartel, which led to a raid on their apartment by cartel gunmen while Dez was trying to explain to her what he could see.

Though Mia managed to kill the gunmen who had been sent by Marlowe (with Dez foreseeing their death as the answer of the code he saw), they heard helicopters approaching, and Dez saw a multitude of deadly Agents in his mind.

Mia grabbed his arm and they began to run to escape together, running toward answers.


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