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This article is about Digger Machines. For the Exile, see The Digger.

The digger as it falls into The Dock

Diggers were immense drilling robots used by the Machines. Two such "bogeys" were employed during the Battle of Zion and were used as the Machines' primary attackers to breech the defenses of Zion; by drilling straight through the Earth, the Machines were able to avoid the heavy armaments placed in the tunnels leading to Zion's dock.

Diggers have the appearance of a large cone-shaped drill. At the forward tip of the drill are three saw-like discs. On the cone itself is a spiral ridge lined solidly with large teeth; these spirals are designed to keep the digger moving forward in the shaft it drills and most likely widen the tunnel. At the back of the digger is a cylindrical compartment that houses the propulsion unit.

The Sentinels "restart" the digger to enter the Temple

When a digger starts to drill, it stands upright on four mechanical legs to maintain stability. The legs extend from the mid-section of the machine and fold up when not in use. If one of the legs is damaged in battle, another leg will shift to compensate for the instability. The legs are particularly vulnerable to damage from shoulder-launched rockets like the ones used by the Resistance during the battle in Zion's dock, however, they are typically well-protected by swarms of Sentinels, which will fly deliberately into the path of any incoming bombardment.

A digger's weight is also a considerable advantage and danger to its target: during The Dock Battle, two diggers penetrated the roof of The Dock, crashing down to the lowest level. As they fell they narrowly missed several APUs and destroyed a few of the connecting bridges from The Dock's central tower. When its descent was finally stopped, it had reached the lowest level, causing much damage. Though it finally came to rest on its side, the legs extended & it became upright again, allowing it to continue drilling.

Diggers can also be recharged, if necessary, by swarms of Sentinels: they will attach themselves to the digger and transfer their power to it. Sentinels that do this become inactive and drop off, becoming non-functional.