A typical Docbot preparing to examine one of its charges

A Docbot is a hoverbot which is deployed to maintain the pods that humans are grown and live in within the energy plant of the Machine world. It serves during such events as integration, re-integration, presumably birth as well as ejection - when a human becomes disconnected from the Matrix in their pods. The disconnection can result from accepting the red pill, self-assertion, or by death.

Notably, Docbots do not kill awakened Redpills, likely because of the potential danger of removing the Prime Program. The disconnected die due to muscle atrophy and lack of nutrition.

Presumably, Docbots would also eject humans who contract illnesses in the real world that negatively impacted production or posed a health risk to others.

In appearance, a Docbot is arachnid in structure, with four long, spiked legs surrounding its "face". A camera lens of sorts protrudes from its front end, supposedly acting like an electronic eye. Another leg attached to its underside contains a claw. When a redpill is detached from their pod, the claw grips them harshly around the neck and appears to also house the apparatus that detaches the data probe from the headjack.

Docbots were also seen during the last years of the Machine War. They were serving as anti-infantry crawlers defending larger machines who collect defenseless humans.

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