Dozer was a crew member of the Nebuchadnezzar who appeared to do double duty as its pilot and in a health and wellness capacity. He was born naturally in Zion, brother of Tank and Zee[1], and died aboard the ship[2]. He was survived by his widow, Cas, and their two children. He was played by Anthony Ray Parker.


Assistant OperatorEdit

Dozer with Tank

Dozer and his brother being introduced to Neo.

Dozer was first seen reporting to Morpheus on the progress of some medical procedures[1]. The crew of the Nebuchadnezzar were trying to reverse muscle atrophy suffered by Neo following his extraction from a power plant[1]. Part of the process resembled acupuncture but appeared to employ advanced technology. Shortly thereafter, Morpheus formally introduces Neo to Dozer, alongside Dozer's younger brother Tank[1]. In a mealtime scene, Dozer described the composition of the food with which the crew makes do with[3]. He is later credited with brewing the ship's stock of alcohol[4].

Cypher's Betrayal and DeathEdit

Dozer Killed

Dozer's body after he was shot by Cypher.

In his final appearance, Dozer witnessed his brother being shot by Cypher with a lightning rifle[5]. Dozer wailed with rage and charged the mutineer, only to be shot himself[5]. Dozer's remains are later tended to by Trinity who crudely enshrouds him alongside three other murdered crew members[6].


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