Emma Pearson

Emma Pearson was a girl with strange experiences. After her last birthday, she saw a woman running next to her uncle Mack and then he changed into a "Shadow".

After that, she came to believe that nothing she sees is real, and she can see reality only closing her eyes. Also, she plucked wires on the head of her doll, Charlie since she believes this is how he looks like with her eyes closed. Furthermore she didn't like the bathtub any more because when submerged she could forget how to get out because the "Shadows" don't want her to.

She also somehow knew the name "Matrix".

Her mother visited Dr. Avery who heard about her hallucinations and diagnosed her with Corona's Syndrome. The next week she had a session with Dr. Frey, a specialist, to whom she told everything of her thoughts. When he asked her if she heard something called the "Matrix", she stared him wondering. Frey suggested that she would enter a clinic.

The next day, she had her first full sleep after months. As her mother brought her to Dr. Avery, instead of Dr. Frey two men, Mr. Finn and Mr. Jones, whom she recognized as the "Shadows" came to take her to the clinic.


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