Fetus harvester.png
A Harvester gathering fetus pods for the power plant

There are fields, Neo, endless fields where human beings are no longer born...we are grown.Morpheus

The fetus fields are field upon field of synthetically grown human babies which are gathered and transferred by harvester machines to the power plant as older humans die off or are ejected from there. Whether there is a smaller pod under the grown pod that the fetus is conceived in or if they are created by the machines themselves isn't clear.

The fetuses are maintained in their pods by small spider-like machines, while the Harvesters maintain the fields; attacking intruders and disposing of dead fetuses in giant waste funnels which feed into the cold, lifeless world of the tunnels: the remains of the human cities' sewer systems.

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Comic book.jpg
Escaping a Harvester in the fetus fields from Morning Sickness
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