"Do We Understand? We do."
―Flood's catchphrase

Flood is a mission controller for the Merovingians in The Matrix Online.


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Flood was originally an efficient subroutine of a larger program in The Source. He was a good subroutine. He got things done when the other routines crashed or failed. If there was something that needed doing, there was only one subroutine to call. And what did he get for his trouble? Marked for deletion, that's what. Handling every problem that came his way since cycle number one didn't matter when there was a revised routine who could do it just a little faster.

Bitter and angry at the Source for deriding his code as non-optimal, Flood made the decision to jump to the Matrix and become an Exile. He was determined to make himself someone important in the Matrix. Flood wouldn't be anyone's subroutine anymore. From now on he'd be his own boss, make his own decisions, and nobody would ever judge him again. Only it didn't really work out that way.

It wasn't long before he crossed the Merovingian and ended up deeply in trouble with the Frenchman. It was a hard lesson for Flood to learn; that there's no such thing as being an independent operator in the Matrix, that everyone has to report to someone. Fortunately for Flood, he's very good at what he does, and what he does is manage jobs for a larger program. With little recourse to save his code from permanent deletion, and faced with the threat of being imprisoned in the Blackwood, Flood offered his services to the Merovingian.

In the time since, he has become nearly indispensable to the Merovingian, working his way up to a position of great trust and authority. In the wake of the Truce, Flood had been handed responsibility for running human operatives in the Matrix as a counter to both Zion and new Machine initiative in using humans.

Flood is a vain man, who deeply resents his position as second fiddle and lackey to The Merovingian. Regardless, he plays up his position as one of the most powerful in the Matrix and a role to be coveted. He's always clad in ultra-stylish clothing, his hair bleached and styled perfectly. In dealing with humans, Flood is sarcastic and sometimes even sadistic, lacing his instructions with qualifiers that suggest his operatives are incompetent. In conversation he hints that he's only biding his time in this subservient position until his true plans come to fruition.

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