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Get It? Pin-up

Get It? was a short comic written and illustrated by Peter Bagge and inked by Reynolds, released on May 19, 2000 on the official website as part of Series 2 and was later included in The Matrix Comics Volume 1. Unlike most of the stories in the comic series, it was a comedic spoof which was inspired by the reaction after watching The Matrix.

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Johnny comes out of the movie theater after watching The Matrix with two friends. While the two friends thought of it as the "best movie ever", Johnny does not get the movie. Amazed at that, the three go into the Tin Hat Tavern, where James tries to explain the basic gist of the movie, with the other friend tell him not to bother. Giving up, Johnny leave the bar, thanking his two friends for the beer. As Johnny leaves through the door, his friends, as well as everyone else reveal their agent earpieces and the two friends, actually Agent Lewis and Agent Davies, do not believe him a him to be a problem, with Lewis saying that "the fewer humans who comprehend whats really going on, the fewer we must destroy!"

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