Harold Hobbs

Harold shouting at an Agent

Harold Hobbs is a bluepill character from the Matrix webcomic The Man Who Knew Too Much by W. Wilbur W. which was narrated in the the form of an entry in his journal.

He uses computers, playing games on them, using the internet and for his job: data entry of people he never meets.

Jeff Smite, a friend who he used to look for answers about the Matrix with, came to speak to him after being freed, leading Harold to be contacted by an Agent trying to find Jeff, and for him to be watched and followed.

He went to stay at a hotel he'd been to before and took a walk to clear his head when he was mugged by someone carrying a flip-knife but, taken by surprise he turns and hits the mugger who drops the knife and flees. Jeff phones him on a pay-phone as he walks past it telling him to go home as he's no longer being followed (which appears not to be true, as an Agent takes a photo of him from the window of a building on the other side of the street during his phone call while another is reading a file titled Harold Hobbes [sic]).

He gets home and tries to search the internet to find answers only to find it completely wiped out. Once again Jeff contacts him through his computer (as Trinity did to Neo in The Matrix) saying "The tables have turned. The answers now look for you. Stay well."

Harold seems to remain paranoid, seeing men in dark suits everywhere watching him, and reading a book with every page simply saying "The Matrix Has You".


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