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The hotel was abandoned after a fire licked its way across the polyester carpeting, destroying several rooms as it spooled soot up the walls and ceiling, leaving patterns of permanent shadow.

― The Matrix Shooting Script
Heart O' The City Hotel.png

The Heart O' The City Hotel was an abandoned hotel within Mega City in the Matrix. It was also the famous hotel to hold the infamous Room 303.

Design and Appearance[]

The hotel's front doors.

The hotel was mostly used by the Resistance to gather information on existing bluepills so they can be rescued from the Matrix. The hotel appears to be abandoned for a long period of time due to an unknown reason, though the shooting script implies it was abandoned due to a severe fire that plagued the building. The hotel's design within the Matrix is to resemble an old-fashioned hotel with a classic glass door entrance and outer fire escape staircase.

The walls within the hotel are all old with the wallpaper peeling off the wall as well as old wooden floors that are weak but still able to hold an average human's weight.

A hallway within the hotel.

The rooms within the hotel also carry a vintage look. The rooms are small, square-shaped, one-room complexes that, from the inside, appears to have an extra room inside, presumably to be the restroom.

Like many hotels in reality, this hotel also has fire escape exits on both ends of the hotel's hallways. The fire escape can lead citizens downstairs to the ground floor or to the roof of the building.


Trinity was nearly captured by the police and Agents who were tipped off when Cypher deliberately called Trinity on an unsecured phone line. When Trinity calls Morpheus, she finds out that the Agents have cut the Hard line and that she will have to run for it towards Wells and Lake, the closest Hard line available. Although she intended to escape by descending to the ground via the fire escape, Agent Smith's presence below forced her to ascend to the rooftops and make her way there by jumping rooftops while Law Enforcement and Agent Brown were in pursuit.

Neo later attempted to use the hardline at the hotel, and more specifically the one at Room 303, to escape back to the Nebuchadnezzar while the agents were pursuing him. However, Smith, deducing his destination, broke off from the chase to possess the occupant, a law enforcement member currently inside the room, and proceeded to shoot Neo just outside the room, killing him, although Neo resurrected himself and became The One. After defeating Smith with his newfound powers as The One, Neo escapes the Matrix from the phone in Room 303 before the Nebuchadnezzar disables the Sentinels using EMP.

For some reason, its neon sign is lit, suggesting someone is paying its electrical bill (possibly the rebels), although it is abandoned.

The Heart O' The City Hotel appears within the modal created by Neo, serving the same purpose as it did in the Matrix.