Jimmy "Fingers" Scarvone was a bluepill who once was protected by Father Mike until Jimmy left him to work under crimelord Kaplan along with Tony and Carlos. After about 20 years working for Kaplan, he decided to betray him, however it seems that he somehow escaped the plan.

He waited for them in the room they entered and were surprised to see him standing there. Jimmy tried to excuse himself to not get the "wrong" idea, while Carlos was so nervous that he kept aiming on him. Then started shooting Kaplan's henchman, only to be shot back.

Tony and Jimmy split, but Jimmy's gun was emptied and Kaplan ordered Carmine to find Jimmy and shoot him on the head, however Jimmy jumped through a window and ran away. Then he saw three Resistance members who had just finished their mission and were looking for a hardline to exit the Matrix. As soon as he saw them, he was transformed into an Agent who shot them.

When he opened his eyes again, he saw them dead. He searched their bodies and found the artifact they had found. Then he threw up, something he hadn't done since 1979. Then he ran at the temple to confess to Father Mike who let him sleep in his old room. However two other redpills came to reclaim the device from him. Father Mike started to change into an Agent and was shot.

Jimmy however once more changed into an Agent and the next moment found all of them dead. Then an Agent appeared and interrogated him, and took the device. Jimmy claimed he was too stupid to realize what was going on.


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