Jue was the first mate of the Osiris who attempted to send a daring message about the incoming Sentinels heading towards Zion.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Jue shared an intimate bond with her superior, Captain Thadeus of the Osiris. Extremely athletic, Jue was the woman that sent the warning (via the Post Office) to Zion of the approaching Sentinel Army by athletically moving to a nearby post box. She had to push an elderly woman aside, who was blocking the post box, the woman apologised, saying she was in her own little world before they share a polite farewell. (The package she mailed is what Niobe and Ghost were sent into the Matrix to retrieve, before it fell into the Agent's possession.) She soon attempted to call Thadeus to tell him she had done it, but died seconds after completing this last mission when the Osiris was destroyed by the Sentinel Army.

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