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Kedemoth was a neighborhood in the Richland district, of Mega City. It was the location of the Kalt Chemical Engineering company, which was owned by Justine Kalt. The resident Exile contact was Argon of the Elements.

History Edit

10.2.5 Edit

The Effectuator was caught by operatives while trying to gather information at Kalt Chemical Engineering in Kedemoth. Kalt herself appeared on the rooftop, warning the group of operatives to disperse. A strong security force appeared on the scene shortly thereafter.

Chapter 10.3.5Edit

Zion operatives decided to visit the Kalt campus in order to ask Kalt to help Zion ally Brenda Utley and her company Pendhurst-Amaranth, which is dogged by a Machine-supported lawsuit from rival Wright Research. However, the operatives were warned and chased away by an agent backed up with a SWAT team.

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